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The Story

This is Lola giving me a morning smooch before I start the print day. Lola is one of our five rescue dogs. We are actively involved in and dedicated to animal and human rights.

I  once joked to somebody: "I've never met a t-shirt that I wouldn't sell myself for"...and with that...The T-Shirt Whore was born.

I don't just design and create things in hopes of hitting upon the latest “hot topic”, or trend. Rather, everything you see has SOME underlying meaning that I live and breathe for. Yes! Even the nutty designs. It's OK to spread a message. And it's OK to have a bit of fun while doing so. And you might interpret some things I do differently than I do. And that's the way it should be. 

In other words: The items you see here, the messages that are supported and conveyed...are causes I truly believe in and support. Not just a quick way to turn a buck. 

Using only the best products I can source, I do everything from the design and screen exposures, to the pre-press, to the screen printing of your t-shirts, hoodies, tanks and raglans. To the final quality check before I pack and ship your order. 

I do this on EVERY order that comes into my shop. I am a student of the printing and design game so to speak, it fascinates me. This is a labor of love for me. And a unique and bold form of expression. And the only way I know that you will get the very best is to have my hands in it every step of the way. 

I also print every item you order to order. Why? I like a bit of personal connection. I also feel this gives each item it's own personality, making it uniquely yours and ONLY yours. And I want you to get your stuff fresh, not yanked off of a generically labeled shelf and stuffed in a bag.

I use only super soft and comfy tees, tanks, raglans and hoodies to print on. And I also use my magical water based inks that leave an amazingly bright and bold, yet soft and comfortable print. Even on the darkest of garments. 

My magical inks are 100% solvent and heavy metals free and much more environmentally responsible to use vs plastic and petroleum based plastisol inks. 

They penetrate deep into the garment fibers, rather than sitting on top of it like a thick, rough and plastic feeling plastisol print. They are just as bright and bold as a plastisol print, if not bolder, but my prints barely have any "hand" or feel to them at all. The end result is an amazingly soft and comfortable garment of incredible quality that shall last you a very long time. 

Is it more expensive and labor intensive for me to do things the way I do? Well, yes it is. But is all part of my ongoing commitment to providing YOU with the very best possible quality product, at a fair and sane “working class price”. All in hopes of promoting and maintaining a strong, ethical and independent mantra. Meaning, I do my very best to keep my prices inline with others who use much cheaper garments and less environmentally friendly products and inks. 

Could I charge more for my products? Well, yes I could. I am renowned for print and garment quality. However, I do not see the point in price gouging for quality made products. If my ongoing goal is to keep ethical independent and creative jobs alive and in turn create more…then who does it benefit if I price my products far out of reach of most people? The answer is: Price gouging helps nobody. Therefore, my commitment to honest to goodness quality at fair prices shall always remain true.   

In closing: I get asked a lot about my "style". So what is my style? I'm not sure really. I've never aimed to have one specific "style", or "market" my stuff to one certain "segment". I have a wide variety of interests and causes, as do you. And I don't want to limit either of us to some cookie cutter "design" regiment. All I do know is that it's sort of - Bold. Old School. In Your Face...and most of all I try to have some FUN doing it! 

  -The T-Shirt Whore