The Story

This is Lola giving me a morning smooch before I start the print day.

I  once joked to somebody: "I've never met a t-shirt that I didn't love"...and with that...The T-Shirt Whore was born.

I don't just design and create things in hopes of hitting upon the latest “hot topic”, or trend. I try to make things that you'll still want to wear years from now. That never get old. I design and print things that I enjoy, find humor in, and believe in. With the best quality materials and inks that I can source. I try to offer you the best quality and a "blue collar price". And that's the way it should be. 

Using only the best supplies and garments that I can source, I do everything from the design and screen exposures, to the pre-press, to the screen printing of your t-shirts, hoodies, tanks and raglans. To the final quality check before I pack and ship your order. 

This is a labor of love for me. And I want you to get the very best. And the only way I know that you will get the very best is to have my hands in it every step of the way. 

I also print every item you order to order. Why? I like a bit of personal connection. I also feel this gives each item it's own personality, making it uniquely yours and ONLY yours. And I want you to get your stuff fresh, not yanked off of a generically labeled shelf and stuffed in a bag.

I use only super soft and comfy tees, tanks and hoodies to print on. And I also use my magical water based inks that leave an amazingly bright and bold and durable, yet soft and comfortable print. Even on the darkest of garments. 

These inks are soil safe, so safe in fact, that the waste water can be used to water a garden and they are! They are 100% solvent, petroleum and heavy metals free. And much more environmentally responsible to use vs PVC and petroleum based plastisol inks. I know that may not mean much to everyone. And that's cool. But at least you know what is sitting on top of your skin. 

Thank you for supporting my small business.

  -The T-Shirt Whore