General Info & FAQ

The T-Shirt Whore

General Info & FAQ

Print and garment quality: 

If you talk to any T-Shirt Whore customer, you'll quickly learn I'm renowned for the attention to quality and detail that I give to EVERY order. AND to EVERY CUSTOMER! The garments I print on are the best you will find. The prints and graphics that I hand print onto your garment are the result of a painstaking pursuit I have been on in search of creating the greatest print possible. By greatest print possible, I refer to the BOLDEST and SOFTEST prints that I can possibly achieve. With the best ink I can possibly source. Even on the darkest of garments.

Garment Care

Once you've made sure your swanky new t-shirt, tank or hoodie fits, I always recommend washing and drying your shirt before your first wear as I feel it strengthens the fibers. Shrinkage should be minimal at most,but you can wash in cold water and hang dry to be safe if you wish. Always referring to the care instructions on the garment's label is your best bet. And while your water-based print is generally safe to iron, I advise not doing so. If you are ever in doubt, refer to information on the neck label of your garment. 

Are your products MADE IN THE USA? 

Yes, I produce all of items here in Los Angeles, in my independent shop. All orders are printed in small batches, to order with my own two hands. All chemicals and inks used are enivromentally safe and all waste is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. And unlike the plastisol inks that many other shirt makers use, my inks also contain no harsh solvents, heavy metals, petroleums, plastics, pvc, or other nasty stuff. Who wants that stuff sitting on your skin? Not me!!!


You may order online and check out securely with your credit and/or debit card we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You may also check out via Paypal with your Paypal account. Additionally, you may pay with Apple Pay on your iOS device. 

Sales Tax: 

Under Federal Law, we must collect sales tax in states where it is applicable. If you are in a state where sales tax is not required, then no sales tax is applied. 

Is my personal information and credit card info safe and secure?

It sure is. All payments are encrypted and processed safely and securely. Your payment info is NEVER stored.


We take privacy SUPER seriously and do not store any of your personal information on the site. Nor is it used for any third party purposes. 

Do you do custom orders? Retail? Wholesale? 

I will sometimes do custom orders as long as minimums are met (50 piece minimum). I do also offer some sales to retail merchants, however I am very cautious and picky about whom I will work with, how my product will be represented, sold, promoted and most importantly, how the CUSTOMER'S end experience with any retail merchant will be. Please use the contact form and we can discuss the details.

If I order one t-shirt, tank or hoodie, can you change the design on my tee, or customize it? Put my name on it? Etc. : 

Sorry this is not possible. While I do print to order in batches, I use old school, by hand, screen printing methods. This ensures the best quality possible. However once screens are made for a design, they cannot be changed. You can have custom orders made if you order a minimum of 50 pieces though. 

Can you change the print color and/or shirt color if I order one t-shirt, tank or hoodie? 

Sometimes. Usually not, but sometimes. And it never hurts to ask in this case! Who knows? You might give me an idea I had never thought of!!!